Sanne likes to play with various mediums that provide room for experimentation, craftsmanship and above all humor. The common thread is always a search between the borders of documentation and staging. A duality which is visible throughout her practice. In addition elevating the “art-unworthy” became a key ingredient in Sanne’s work, that wink to the art world.

Sanne exploits thrift shop treasures. She carefully unravels old embroideries after which she hand-stitches her own ideas back in. With this meticulous work she ensures no structural differences arise, the original and the new literally intertwine. However she revises the form and themes: Shallow landscapes come with aggressive texts, the vague serenity of a biblical vision disrupted by irrefutable obscenity and subtle vanitases conceal unsubtle & humorous elements in their composition.

The quality of her approach lies between the tension of the old-fashioned medium, of a technique no-one would usually put on the wall anymore. She twists around the motif which seems to be non-fitting and de-arranged. In conclusion she destroys the safe and simple world embroidery work usually delivers.