SPREAD MAG. was born in March 2019 in Rotterdam and curated by graphic designer Janne Beldman and photographers Leroy Verbeet and Bo Bannink. Their curiosity towards undiscovered talent from different creative fields was the starting point of their independent magazine.

I had the honor to participate in their first issue: #1 ‘At the end of the light spectrum’
and orchestrated a performance at their launchparty.

Lonely Red

I tried to catch “red” for Spread Mag. This was not an easy task but once caught I placed it on a classic pedestal to elevate and worship this color.

It’s human nature to seek meaning behind everything there is. People are even able to attribute human characteristics to colors, give shape to feelings and find a suitable visual language to express these feelings. This way we try to connect with the lifeless.

My impression of the color red is harsh, distant, identity-free and is strongly present in loneliness. Even without making a sound, the color Red is so dominant, that you can almost hear it.